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Beyond the Mediterranean supplements Around the Mediterranean and challenges assumptions about the scope of both Minoan and Mycenaean travel.

Meanings of the Linear-Script Signs (The). Writing systems such as LinA, LinB, and LinC use the acrophonic principle to assign phonetic values to the signs that are used to write words.  An understanding of the meanings behind the linear-script signs could provide much insight about both underlying cultures.

Phonetic Correspondences among the Linear A, the Linear B, and the Arcado-Cypriot (Linear C) Scripts.  The omission of Linear C in the study of the Cretan scripts is an omission of an essential period in the development of the Greek language.   There is still much to learn, and a tripartite study of the syllabic scripts provides a critical foundation.

Treatment of Anthroponyms in the Linear Scripts (The) explores the treatment of personal names (anthroponyms) in the linear scripts with emphasis on the evolution of Greek names.  Whereas LinB and LinC may be distinguished by their respective treatments of anthroponyms, LinA may be distinguished by the absence of anthroponyms.  These distinctions merit scrutiny.

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