Lexicon C

To simply distinguish the syllabic script of Cyprus from those of both Crete and mainland Greece, I use the non-universal designation of Linear C.   The convergence on Cyprus of “five systems of writing” [Myres 1914:299] resulted in a range of common and uncommon signs, which will become evident in the decipherments.


  • LinA Japanese is distinguished with dots (e.g. ma.di) whereas LinB or LinC Greek is distinguished with hyphens (e.g. ma-di).
  • Similar to Japanese syntax, LinC words often comprise compounds, and LinC sentences often lack clear word division.  Consequently, the placement of word dividers is a matter of interpretation.  Compound words result in many coined words and definitions, which are preceded by a cross (†).  Note that lexemes found in series may include asterisks in prefix or suffix position, so that, for example, ti-o-se* indicates a lexeme or a word at the beginning of a series, *ti-o-se* indicates a lexeme or a word in the middle of a series, and *ti-o-se indicates a lexeme or a word at the end of a series.

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