Linear C to Greek: *ta-mo-ne to ti-o

· Linear C, Linear C Lexicon

LinC words
ta-mo-ne | ti-ma-o-se | ti-mo or ti-mo | ti-o |

Greek words
ταμών | τεο | τέο | τέος | τεός | τῑμαῖος | τῖμος | τίος | τιός | τίω | τίως |

*ta-mo-ne | ταμών (tamon) | that which was cut; † separation
ICS 152
*ta-mo-ne is the antonym of *ka-mo-se “union”.

ti-ma-o-se | τῑμαῖος | highly prized, † highly regarded
ICS 427
The definition “highly regarded” has been added as a reference to people, which complements “highly prized”, a reference to things.  See also ti-mo*.

ti-mo* or *ti-mo* | τῖμο(ς) (timos) (Ionic) | esteem, honor, worship
ICS 152
timos is the old Ionic (poetic) form of τῑμή (time).  See also ti-ma-o-se.
Syntax: ti-mo*ka-mo-se*e-mi > τῖμο γάμος ἐμέ (timo gamos eme) “For my part, I honor union.”

ti-o | τεο | anyone, anything, someone (genitive of enclitic τις)
ti-o | τέο (Doric genitive of σύ*) | thou, you
ti-o | τέο (Doric genitive of σύ) | what?, who? (genitive of interrog. τίς)
ti-o | τέο(ς) (Doric genitive of σύ) | thou, you
ti-o | τεό(ς) (Epic, Ionic for σός (sos)) | thine, thy; your
ti-o | τίο(ς) (Doric genitive of σύ) | thou, you
ti-o | τιό(ς) (Boeot. for σός, τεός) | thine, thy; your
ti-o | τίω (tio) (Doric genitive of σύ) | thou, you
ti-o | τίω(ς) (tios) (Doric genitive of σύ) | thou, your
*σύ (su)
ICS 219
These words demonstrate the close alliance among articles (e.g. the), pronouns, and the notion of deity. Cf. θεός (teos) “God”. Consequently, it is understandable that similar words compel interpretations that pertain to dedications; however, such words must be reassessed in their roles as early articles and pronouns in the Greek language.
In context, the third-person τεο is more appropriate than any of the host of second-person references [ICS 219].

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