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The Decipherment of Linear C: ICS 105

An epitaph at Marion Tomb 88, dimensions unknown Three lines, 14 syllabic-Greek characters, written in sinistroverse Located in the cemetery (necropolis) at Marion in the district of Paphos, this epitaph is a declaration. [Read from right to left] .1  sa-ta-sa-ko-ra-u .2  e-mi  to*sa- .3  -ta-sa-to-ro 1. e-mi | ἐμίν (emiv) (Doric) | I (first-person pronoun) […]

Phonetic Correspondences among the Linear A, the Linear B, and the Arcado-Cypriot (Linear C) Scripts

Updated on March 1, 2018 Although Linear A* and Linear B are deemed distinct scripts, their mutual influence is demonstrated through phonetic comparisons (see Younger).  And, although both Linear B and Arcado-Cypriot (Linear C) are deemed Greek scripts, there has been no concerted effort to compare them, perhaps because it is believed that the two Greek scripts represent […]

The Decipherment of Linear C: ICS 152

An epitaph at Marion 4.7″ (12 cm) high x 9.1″ (23 cm) long Two lines, 13 syllabic-Greek characters, written in sinistroverse Located in the cemetery (necropolis) at Marion in the district of Paphos, this epitaph includes both a declaration and a qualification. [Read from right to left] .1  ti-mo-ka-mo-se-e-mi .2  o-ti-mo-ta-mo-ne 1. *e-mi | ἐμέ […]

The Treatment of Anthroponyms in the Linear Scripts

Updated on February 27, 2018 Whereas LinB and LinC may be distinguished by their respective treatments of anthroponyms, LinA may be distinguished by the absence of anthroponyms.  These distinctions merit scrutiny. The absence of anthroponyms in LinA can perhaps be explained in modern terms.  In Japanese society, the individual is typically subordinated for the good of the community.  […]

The Decipherment of Linear C: ICS 260

A funerary stele at Golgoi 28.3″ (72 cm) high x 37.0″ (94 cm) long One line, eight alphabetic-Greek characters and five syllabic-Greek characters Relative date: 6th cent. BCE Located in the cemetery (necropolis) at Golgoi on Cyprus, this digraphic inscription is found at the base of a stele that includes two profiled lions facing the viewer and a winged […]

The Decipherment of Linear C: ICS 427

Graffiti at Karnak Dimensions unavailable Five lines, 26 alphabetic-Greek characters and 15 syllabic-Greek characters, written boustrophedon Karnak is a vast, ancient-Egyptian complex of chapels and temples, which includes the well-known temple of Amon. Due to long neglect, graffiti was allowed to flourish on the site’s many walls.  Located on the east wall of the temple of Achoris, […]

The Decipherment of Linear C: ICS 121

Onyx Scarab yellow a-ri-si-to-wa | na-xe 1. a-ri-si-to*wa-na-xe | †ἀριστωαναξ (aristoanax) | †the best of masters ἀριστωαναξ the best of masters Notes:  The inscription follows the curve of the scarab in boustrophedon style: a-ri-si-to-wa | na-xe. Masson translates as Ἀριστοϝά|ναξ, which presumes an anthroponym rather than a generic reference.  Cf. similar Greek compounds (e.g. ἀριστοπάλας (aristopalas) “the best of wrestlers”). […]

The Decipherment of Linear C: ICS 219

A surgeon’s cautery 7.125”  (18 cm) 19 characters, sinistroverse Relative date:  6th cent. BCE .1  a-mu-se-ka-te-te-ke-ta-i-ti-o-i-ta-i-ko-lo-ki-a-I Proposed syntax: .1  a-mu-se , ka-te-te , ke-ta-i , ti-o , i-ta-i , ko-lo , ki-a-i 1. a-mu-se |  ἄμυξι(ς) (amucis) | scarification 2. i-ta-i | ἱ(σ)τᾷ (istai) | he lies [in repose] 3. ka-te-te | καθετή(ρ) (kateter) | that which is let down [e.g. an instrument such as […]

The Decipherment of Linear C: ICS 31

Stone inscription 22.5” x 8.33”  (57 cm x 22 cm) .1  a-ri-si-to-ti-ma-se 1. a-ri-si-to*ti-ma-se | † ἄριστοτίμασι(ς) (aristotimasis) | † honoring the best, honoring the noblest .1  ἄριστοτίμασι honoring the best, the noblest Notes:  Masson translates as Ἀριστοτίμας, which presumes an anthroponym rather than a generic reference.  Cf. similar Greek compounds (e.g. ἀριστοπάλας (aristopalas) “the best […]

The Decipherment of Linear C: ICS 18g

    A Hoplite tool or weapon Scribe unknown Relative date: 1050-950 BCE A Cypro-Minoan (Linear C) inscription, which has been identified as the earliest example of Greek writing on Cyprus, is found on a bronze ὀβελός (obelos) “a pointed square pillar” or “a spit“.  This implement was discovered in 1979 at Palaepaphos “Old Paphos” and is dated to […]

Linear C to Greek: *ta-mo-ne to ti-o

INDEX LinC words ta-mo-ne | ti-ma-o-se | ti-mo or ti-mo | ti-o | Greek words ταμών | τεο | τέο | τέος | τεός | τῑμαῖος | τῖμος | τίος | τιός | τίω | τίως | *ta-mo-ne | ταμών (tamon) | that which was cut; † separation ICS 152 *ta-mo-ne is the antonym of *ka-mo-se […]

Linear C to Greek: sa-la-mi-ni-o-se to se-la-mi-ni-o-se

INDEX LinC words sa-la-mi-ni-o-se | sa-ta-sa-ko-ra-u | sa-ta-sa-to-ro | se-la-mi-ni-o-se | Greek words Σᾰλᾰμῑ́νιος | Στᾱσίχορος | Στησιχόρου | sa-la-mi-ni-o-se | Σαλαμῑνιος (Saliminios) | from Salamis, a Salaminian ICS 392 See alt. se-la-mi-ni-o-se. 08.14.15 sa-ta-sa-ko-ra-u | στησιχόρου (Stêsikhorou) | one who establishes and leads χοροί (khoroi) “dances” ICS 105 sa-ta-sa-ko-ra-u and infl. sa-ta-sa-to-ro demonstrate the […]

Linear C to Greek: pa-si-le-u-se to pi-lo-ke-re-wo

INDEX LinC words pa-si-le-u-se | pi-la-ko | pi-lo-ke-re-wo | Greek words βασιλεύς | φῐλήκο’ος | φῐλήκως | † φίλοκρέων | pa-si-le-u-se | βασιλεύς (basileus) (attested) | a chief, a commander, a king ICS 217 03.09.15 pi-la-ko | φῐλήκο’ος (pileko’os) | fond of hearing discourse pi-la-ko | φῐλήκως (pilekos) | fondly hearing discourse φίλος (pilos, philos) […]

Linear C to Greek: o* to o-u-ki-ta-le-sa

INDEX LinC words o | o-lo-pi-o | o-pe-le-ta-u | o-te | o-u-ki-ta-le-sa Greek words † ὅλοπῖο | †ὁπλιτέυ | ὁπλιτεύω | ὅτε | οὐ | † ουκιτέλεσα | ὠφελητέον | o* | οὐ | the negative of fact and statement ICS 152 οὐ = Ionic οὐκί, οὐχί. The evolution from οὐκί and οὐχί to οὐ is […]

Linear C to Greek: ni-ko-la-o-se to ni-ko-la-wo

INDEX LinC words ni-ko-la-o-se | ni-ko-la-wo | Greek words †νικόλαος | †νικολάω ni-ko-la-o-se | †νικόλαος (nikolaos) | victorious soldiers ni-ko | νῖκος (nikos) | victory la-o-se | λαός (laos) | men, people; soldiers la-o-se | λεώς (leos) (Attic) | men, people; soldiers la-o-se | ληός (leos) (Ionic) | men, people; soldiers ICS 439 νῖκος is […]

Linear C to Greek: *ka-mo-se* to ko-lo

INDEX LinC words ka-mo-se | ka-ru-xe* | ka-te-te | ke-re-te-o* | ke-ta-i | ki-a-i | ko-lo | Greek words γάμος | καθετήρ | κάρυξ | κᾶρυξ | κέεσθαι | κέεται | κεῖαι | κεῖσθαι | κεῖται | κῆαι | κήαι | κήρυκας | κῆρυξ | κήρυξις | κόλος | κρατέω | κρετέω | κυλλός | κυλός […]

Linear C to Greek: i-ta-i

INDEX LinC words i-ta-i | Greek words ἧσθαι | ἧσται | ἱστᾷ | i-ta-i | ἧ(σ)θαι (estai) | to sit, to be idle, to be encamped i-ta-i | ἧ(σ)ται (estai) | to sit, to be idle, to be encamped i-ta-i | ἱ(σ)τᾷ (istai) | it lies, it stands; s/he lies, s/he stands ICS 217, 219 […]

Linear C to Greek: a-i-we-i to a-ri-si-to*wa-na-xe

INDEX LinC words a-i-we-i | a-mu-se | a-ne-u | a-ri-si-to | a-ri-si-to-ti-ma-se | a-ri-si-to-wa-na-xe | Greek words αἰεί | ἄμυξις | ἄμυσσε | ἄνευ | ἄριστος | ἀρίστως | †ἄριστοτίμασις | †ἀριστωαναξ | a-i-we-i | αἰεί (attested) | always, forever (Ionic, poetic for ἀεί) ICS 217 02.19.15 a-mu-se* | ἄμυξι(ς) (amucis) | mangling, rending, tearing; […]