Linear-Script Signs: KI

· Philology, Phonetics


*= Proposed

By Numeric Reference
067 (KI) |

By Phonetic Value
KI (067) |

AB *067

  • ki | 器 (KI ) | container, receptacle, vessel
  • ki | 酒 (ki) | alcohol, sake

ab-067-kiThe Egyptians knew the Minoans as the Keftiu.  Among the items that the Keftiu brought as tribute were rhyta, “vessel[s] especially perforated at the bottom–or other place–for the pouring of libations” [Davares 1976:270]. While the Greeks may have poured libations from the bottom on smaller vessels, I believe that the holes on the larger vessels were intended to allow the sediment to drain.  Cf. alt. je.

Added on 28 Nov 2013
Updated on 19 Dec 2016

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