Linear-Script Signs: KI

· Philology, Phonetics


*= Proposed

By Numeric Reference
067 (KI) |

By Phonetic Value
KI (067) |

AB *067

  • κίλλιξ (killix) | ox with crooked horns
  • κίλλιξ = στάμνος | earthen jar, or bottle for racking off wine (perhaps made from an ox horn).
  • ki | 器 (KI ) | container, receptacle, vessel
  • ki | 酒 (ki) | alcohol, sake

ab-067-kiThe Egyptians knew the Minoans as the Keftiu.  Among the items that the Keftiu brought as tribute were rhyta, “vessel[s] especially perforated at the bottom–or other place–for the pouring of libations” [Davares 1976:270]. While the Greeks may have poured libations from the bottom on smaller vessels, I believe that the holes on the larger vessels were intended to allow the sediment to drain.  Cf. alt. jeAlexandru Gheorghiu is credited with the observation regarding κίλλιξ.

Added on 28 Nov 2013
Updated on 19 Dec 2016 * 29 Jan 2023

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