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Linear-Script Signs: U

SIGN INDEX By Numeric Reference 010 (U) | By Phonetic Value U (010) | U AB *010 uji, uji-, shi “family name, surname; clan, lineage” Comparison with the Greek /ϝ/ (digamma) arises from Richard Vallance-Janke’s comparison of AB *010 with the Latin /F/.  Both letters are phonetically associated with /v/.   In HT 117, u.di.mi may be […]

Linear-Script Signs: PTE

SIGN INDEX *= Proposed By Numeric Reference 062 (PTE) | By Phonetic Value PTE (062) | PTE B *062 pte-no | πτηνός (ptenos) | flying, winged πτερόν (pteron) | a winged creature Cf. pe-te-re-wa or pte-re-wa > πτελέα (ptelea) “an elm”, which is called “the spreading tree” and which was among the woods used in chariot-wheel […]

Linear-Script Signs: O

SIGN INDEX *= Proposed By Numeric Reference 061 (O) | By Phonetic Value O (061) | O AB *061 GEN “beginning, origin, source” NO, no, o “from, of; possessive particle” no “fountain, spring” Some interpret this sign as a throne and sceptre. However, the seeming haphazard nature of the first two LinA signs belie this […]

Linear-Script Signs: NA to NO

SIGN INDEX *= Proposed By Numeric Reference 006 (NA) | 024 (NE) | 052 (NO) | By Phonetic Value NA (006) | NE (024) | NO (052) | NA AB 006 na | 柰 (NA, NAI) | to bear, to endure naichuu | interior pillar ναός (naos) or νηός (neos) | a dwelling, a shrine, […]

Linear-Script Signs: MA

SIGN INDEX *= Proposed By Numeric Reference 080 (MA) | By Phonetic Value MA (080) | MA AB *080 MA “demon, devil, evil spirit, witch” This image has long been interpreted as a cat, which appears feasible for the first three LinA signs but loses credibility with the LinB signs, which give the impression of […]

Linear-Script Signs: KI

SIGN INDEX *= Proposed By Numeric Reference 067 (KI) | By Phonetic Value KI (067) | KI AB *067 κίλλιξ (killix) | ox with crooked horns κίλλιξ = στάμνος | earthen jar, or bottle for racking off wine (perhaps made from an ox horn). ki | 器 (KI ) | container, receptacle, vessel ki | […]

The Meanings of the Linear Script Signs

Updated on November 25, 2015 Writing systems such as LinA, LinB, and LinC use the acrophonic principle to assign phonetic values to the signs that are used to write words. An understanding of the meanings behind linear-script signs could provide much insight about the underlying cultures. The following glossary terms will be helpful when reading this post: acrophony glide kanji […]