Linear-Script Signs: U

· Philology, Phonetics


By Numeric Reference
010 (U) |

By Phonetic Value
U (010) |


AB *010

uji, uji-, shi “family name, surname; clan, lineage”

010 UComparison with the Greek /ϝ/ (digamma) arises from Richard Vallance-Janke’s comparison of AB *010 with the Latin /F/.  Both letters are phonetically associated with /v/.   In HT 117, u.di.mi may be translated as 氏見 ujimi “clan visitation”, from 氏 uji “clan, lineage” + mi “looking, viewing”.  The location of this toponym has yet to be determined, but a possibility is the Greek island of Σύμη (Syme or Simi), which was home to a Minoan or a Mycenaean settlement. Cf. shimi “blotch, smudge, spot, stain” as a descriptive term for 島 shima, an island in the middle of the ocean.

Entry added on 28 Aug 2016


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