A discussion and news group that is devoted to the pre-classical Aegean world. <>

Aegeus Society of Aegean Prehistory (Greek-language website)

A non-profit, Greek organization that is devoted to the prehistoric archaeology of the Aegean.

A forum for genetics-related topics.

British Museum’s (The) Collection Online

A frequently updated database of the museum’s collection.

Database of Mycenaean at Oslo (DAMOS)

An indispensable tool for searching LinB transcriptions by word, tablet, or scribe.

Etymology Dictionary. <>

Greek/English Lexicons

  1. Greek/Word Study Tool of the Perseus Digital Library. <>
  2. Liddell-Scott-Jones (LSJ), a project of Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) ®.  <>

Japanese/English Dictionaries:

  1. Jeffrey’s Japanese <=> English Dictionary (formerly with Kanji Database

Results teach stroke order under Kanji Details.

Linear A Texts in Phonetic Transcription. Edited by John G. Younger for the University of Kansas. <>

Linear C Syllabary for the Cypro-Minoan script. <Ancient>


Minoan Chronology. <>

Studies in Mycenaean Inscriptions and Dialect (SMID). Edited by the Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory (PASP). University of Texas. <>

An analytical bibliography of Mycenaean-text studies, which include indices of LinA and LinB signs, words, and texts.

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