Linear-Script Signs: O

· Philology, Phonetics


*= Proposed

By Numeric Reference
061 (O) |

By Phonetic Value
O (061) |


AB *061

GEN “beginning, origin, source”

NO, no, o “from, of; possessive particle”

no “fountain, spring”

061 OSome interpret this sign as a throne and sceptre. However, the seeming haphazard nature of the first two LinA signs belie this idea, and support, instead, the notion of “fountain” or “spring”. According to Henshall, the extended meaning for an alternate sign, GEN origin, source”, is “spring, water source”.  Compare GEN with words such as “generate, genesis, genus”. Compare also GEN 元 “beginning, origin”. (See Japanese Concordances with Indo-European (IE) Languages: GEN)

In Japanese grammar, 乃 no  (cursive の), as a possessive particle, is equivalent to the English from / of and belongs to the genitive case, which expresses “possession; origin, source”.

Entry added on 17 Mar 2013

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