Linear-Script Signs: PTE

· Philology, Phonetics


*= Proposed

By Numeric Reference
062 (PTE) |

By Phonetic Value
PTE (062) |

B *062

pte-no | πτηνός (ptenos) | flying, winged

πτερόν (pteron) | a winged creature

The Wings of ConsecrationCf. pe-te-re-wa or pte-re-wa > πτελέα (ptelea) “an elm”, which is called “the spreading tree” and which was among the woods used in chariot-wheel construction; see ROTA in the KN So series.   In both pte-no and pte-re-wa, the first symbol, B *062, resembles the “horns of consecration”, which may, however, actually represent a wingspread, or the “wings of consecration”.

Entry added on 14 Nov 2016


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