Linear B to Greek: pe-te-re-wa to pi-mo-no

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
pe-te-re-wa | pi-i.ja-ra | pi-je-se-me | pi-mo-no |

Greek words
πήμονος | πῖαρ | πίασμα | πίειρα | πίεσμa | πτελέα | πτελέη |

pe-te-re-wa | πτελέα (ptelea) | an elm
pe-te-re-wa | πτελέη (ptelee) (Ionic) | an elm
KN So 894 (Scribe unknown)
The elm is called “the spreading tree” and was among the woods used in chariot-wheel construction; see both alternate pte-re-wa and ROTA in the KN So series. In alt. pte-re-wa, the first symbol, B *062 PTE, resembles the “horns of consecration”, which may, however, actually represent a wingspread, or the “wings of consecration”.  Cf. πτερόν “a winged creature” and pte-no “flying, winged”.

pi-i.ja-ra | πῖαρ (piar) | fat, oil, tallow
pi-i.ja-ra | πίειρα (pieira) | fat, rich
PY Tn 996 (Scribe Ciii)
In context, pi-a2-ra is followed by *219 VAS, an oblong rectangle with handles at the ends that suggests a vat for expressing olive oil; pi-a2-ra complements the preceding u-do-ro “water”.  See also pi-je-se-me.

pi-ja-se-me | πίασμα (piasma) | that which makes fat, † fat
pi-ja-se-me | πίασμα (piasma) (Doric) | a by-product, such as juice or pulp, of pressing or squeezing
pi-ja-se-me | πίεσμa (piesma) | a by-product, such as juice or pulp, of pressing or squeezing
KN As 1516 (Scribe 101) IPN
In context, pi-ja-se-me appears to refer to a fat person.  See also pi-i.ja-ra.

pi-mo-no | πήμονο(ς) (pemonos) | the bane of [gen. of πήμων (pemon)]
KN Wm 8499 (Scribe 103)
See pe-mo.

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