Linear B to Greek: po-si to pte-re-wa

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
po-si | po-ti-jo | po-ti-ni-ja | po-ti-ni-ja-we | pte-no | pe-te-re-wa |

Greek words
πόσις | ποτίζω | πότνια | Ποτνιάς | πτανός | πτελέα | πτελέη | πτηνός |

pte-re-wa | πτελέα (ptelea) | an elm
pte-re-wa | πτελέη (ptelee) (Ionic) | an elm
KN Se series (Scribe 127)
KN So series (Scribe 130, 131)
The elm is called “the spreading tree” and was among the woods used in chariot-wheel construction; see ROTA in the KN So series; see also alt. pe-te-re-wa. In pte-re-wa, the first symbol, B *062 PTE, resembles the “horns of consecration”, which may, however, actually represent a wingspread, or the “wings of consecration”. Cf. πτερόν “a winged creature” and pte-no > πτηνός (ptenos) “flying, winged”.

po-si | πόσι(ς) (posis) (Ionic) | “a beverage, a drink”
Knossos (Scribe 28)
Cf. πότις (potis) “a drinker” and pu-ti.  Cf., also, potable “drinkable”.

po-ti-jo | ποτίζω (potizo) | to give to drink, to water
KN B 804 (Scribe 104) IPN
po-ti-jo appears to refer to someone who waters livestock.  See po-si and pu-ti.

po-ti-ni-ja | πότνια (potnia) | lady, mistress

  • ποτής (potes) | a drinking, a drink
  • πότις (potis) (Ionic) | a drinker

KN Gg 702 (Scribe 103)
MY Oi 704 (Scribe 64)
Pylos (Scribes 2, 12, 21, 44, Cii)
TH Of 36 (Scribe 303)
The po-ti-ni-ja “mistress” was approached through libations.   Cf. ποτινίσσομαι (potinissomai) “to approach”.  Cf. also πότις (potis) “a drinker” with pu-ti > πυτι “that which is poured” [KHv Z 4 et al.] and with the alt. po-si > πόσι(ς) (posis) (Ionic) “a beverage, a drink”.  See also e-re-wi-jo-po-ti-ni-ja and si-to-po-ti-ni-ja.
12.21.13 * 11.25.14

po-ti-ni-ja-we | Ποτνιάς (Potnias) | of Potniae
KN Dl 943 (Scribe 118)

pte-no | πτανό(ς) (ptanos) (Doric) | flying, winged
pte-no | πτηνό(ς) (ptenos) | flying, winged
KN Sd 4402, 4405+, 4450+ (Scribe 128)

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