The Decipherment of Linear C: ICS 31

· Linear C Decipherments

ICS 31

Stone inscription

22.5” x 8.33”  (57 cm x 22 cm)

.1  a-ri-si-to-ti-ma-se

1. a-ri-si-to*ti-ma-se | † ἄριστοτίμασι(ς) (aristotimasis) | † honoring the best, honoring the noblest

.1  ἄριστοτίμασι

  • honoring the best, the noblest

Notes:  Masson translates as Ἀριστοτίμας, which presumes an anthroponym rather than a generic reference.  Cf. similar Greek compounds (e.g. ἀριστοπάλας (aristopalas) “the best of wrestlers”).


  1. Masson, Olivier.  1961.  Inscriptions Chypriotes Syllabiques. Paris: E. de Boccard,  p. 125.

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