The Decipherment of Linear A: MA Wc 5

· Linear A Decipherments

MA Wc 5

MA Wc 5


Inventory marker

MA Scribe unknown

Side α


Side β

.1 GRA “E” 4

  1. | 麻 (asa) | flax (Linum usitatissimum), linseed; hemp (Cannabis sativa)
  2. da.ka | 高 (daka) | quantity; number, volume
  3. E | 1/4 [?]
  4. GRA | grain (counter)

Side α


  • flax

.2  高 

  • quantity

Side β

.1 GRA “E” 4

  • Grain [?] 4

Translation: quantity of flax: 4 [?] units

Annotation: This inscription is missing.

Although the words appear on separate lines, Hallager treats the two words as one: Moreover, da.ka appears as a single word on multiple roundels, so I treat it here as a single word. The first sign on side β has been identified as a counter for grain (typically transliterated as GRA). Its inclusion reinforces the translation of as “flax”. The second sign has been identified as a fraction that is believed to equal 1/4; however, its placement before the number four leaves its purpose unclear. Consequently, I have replaced the sign with [?] in the total.

The impression of birds on the edge of the roundel is identical to the seal impression [HT 20] on the left.


  1. Hallager, Erik.  1996.  The Minoan Roundel and other Sealed Documents in the Neopalatial Linear A Administration, Vol. II.  Austin: University of Texas.

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