Linear A to Japanese: to i.ka

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LinA words | i.ka |

Greek words
ἡδονῆς |

Japanese words (Hiragana)
いか |

Japanese words (Kanji)
以下 |

Japanese words (Romaji)
ika |

HT 13 (HT Scribe 8) | ἡδονῆ(ς) (hêdonês) | (1) enjoyment, pleasure; (2) † dessert or sweet meats
Richard Vallance deserves credit for recognizing ἡδύνω (hêdunô) “to make pleasant, to season” as the root of  Cf. hedonism.

i.ka | いか (ika)
i.ka | 以下 (ika) | (1) below, downward, under; the following; (2) below standard
HT 91 (HT Scribe 15)
HT 102 (HT Scribe 5)

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