Linear A to Japanese: to te.tu

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LinA words | te.tu |

Japanese words (Hiragana)
てつ |

Japanese words (Kanji)
| | 鉄塩

Japanese words (Katakana)
テキ |

Japanese words (Romaji)
teki | tetsu | | テキ (teki) | テキ (teki) | beefsteak, prob. from 叩き (tataki) | minced or pounded meat or fish | 敵 (teki) | enemy, opponent
HT 13, 122 (Scribes 8, 9)
teki may originally have been an abbreviation for 叩き tataki “minced or pounded meat or fish”. Likewise, 敵 teki “opponent” appears to have been derived from the alternate kataki, as it pertains to “pounding” or “striking” an enemy. Note the /t/ and /k/ alternation, which may be compared to the similar Ionic alternation of /τ/ and /κ/.

Cf., also, the Greek τζατζίκι (tzatziki) sauce, an accompaniment to beef dishes such as gyros and Moroccan beef (or kefta; cf. Keftiu, an attested reference to the Minoans). Teki has also survived in both modern-Greek μπιφτεκι (bifteki) and Japanese ビフテキ bifuteki “beefsteak”.

te.tu | てつ (tetsu)
te.tu | 鉄 (tetsu) | iron; †iron salt
te.tu > 鉄塩 (tetsuen) | ferric salt, iron salt
HT 7, 13, 85 (HT Scribes 8, 9, 11)
Crete is known for its salt caves, such as Crystal Cave at Khania. The salt from these caves comprises iron as well as calcium, iodine, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. While it has therapeutic uses, “iron salt” likely was used in cooking, as well.
鉄 m/anthroponym; surname (O’Neill #1948) (IJN)

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