The Decipherment of Linear B: PY Wr 1480

· Linear B Decipherments

This is a three-sided seal.

α. wa
β. pa-ta-jo
γ. ḍọ-ka-ma

    1. do-ka-ma | δόκημα (dokema) | vision
    2. pa-ta-jo | φατειό(ς) (phateios) | speakable, utterable
    3. wa | ἁ | α (alpha) privative, which expresses lack; prefix un-

α. ἁ privative
β. φατειό
γ. δόκημα

α. un-
β. speakable
γ. vision

Notes: See related inscription BE Zg 1.

Hapaxi > do-ka-ma * pa-ta-jo

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