The Decipherment of Linear B: PY Wr 1457

· Linear B Decipherments

Tripartite seal

Scribe 2

α. vacat.
β. vacat.
γ. a-pu-do-si

1. a-pu-do-si > ἀπόδοσι(ς) (apodosis) | †to summon a gift; †to summon tribute as compensation
1. a-pu-do-si | † ἀπυδόσι(ς) > ἀπόδοσι(ς) (apodosis) (Doric) | compensation, repayment, restitution

α. vacat.
β. vacat.
γ. ἀπόδοσι
γ. †ἀπυδόσι (Doric)

α. vacat.
β. vacat.
γ. †to summon tribute as compensation

Notes:  Apodosis is “the main clause of a conditional sentence”;  this conditional aspect of ἀπόδοσις “compensation” implies “tribute”.  Cf. also the antonym ἀποδοχή (apodokhe) “compensation received”.

Updated on 03.04.15

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