The Decipherment of Linear B: KN Db 1198+

· Linear B Decipherments
KN Db 1198+

KN Db 1198+

Sheep Husbandry

Scribe 117

ta-na-po-so / ra-su-to   OVIS:m 82 OVIS:f 18

1. OVIS:f | sheep: female; ewes
2. OVIS:m | sheep: male; rams
3. ra-su-to | ῥήϊστο(ς) (reistos) (Epic, Ionic) | easy, pleasant; the least painful; requiring delay
3. ra-su-to | ῥαίστω(ρ) (raistor) | one that accomplishes
4. ta-na-po-so | τανύπους (tanupous) (Epic) | long footed, long shanked

τανύπους / ῥήϊστο OVIS:m 82 OVIS:f 18

  • overgrown hooves / use caution to accomplish (resolve) in the easiest, least painful manner: 82 rams, 18 ewes

Annotation:  Animals often die from grain overload (acidosis).  Those that survive suffer inadequate blood flow to the hoof, which results in laminitis, or foot overgrowth [“Hoofcare”].  Cf. lame.  This condition seems to parallel, in humans, the complications of diabetes.


  1. Hoofcare. Sheep Ret. on 05 Oct 2014.

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