The Decipherment of Linear B: PY Ta 716

· Linear B Decipherments
PY Ta 716

PY Ta 716


An inventory of weapons

PY Ta 716

Scribe 2

.1 pa-sa-ro , ku-ru-so , a-pi , to-ni-jo 2 wa-o *232 2
.2 qi-si-pe-e *234 2

1. *232 | double axe
2. *234 | spear or sword
3. a-pi | ἐπί (epi) | on, upon; extension over a surface
4. ku-ru-so | χρυσό(ς) (khrusos) | gold
5. pa-sa-ro | ψαρό(ς) (psaros) | dappled, speckled
6. qi-si-pe-e | ξίφαι (ksipai) | a sword or †a spear
7. to-ni-jo | τόνιο(ς) (tonios) | †length
9. wa-o | ἄω (ao) | broken, damaged

.1 ψαρό χρυσό ἐπί τόνιο=2; ἄω *double axes=2

  • two double axes braced with gold rivets over the surface (of the handle) [see Notes]; two damaged double axes

.2 ξίφαι *swords or † spears=2

  • two swords or † spears

Notes:  Cf. χρῡσό-ξιφος (khruso ksiphos) “sword of gold”.   However, Palmer [1969:358] believes that pa-sa-ro , ku-ru-so refers to [gold or] gold-plated rivets, which were used to attach hilts to sword blades [Lorimer 1950:262]. Consequently, ψηρό χρυσό may appear as the “dappled gold” of rivets that may also join a handle to the tang of an axe head.

Hapaxi:  pa-sa-ro * qi-si-pe-e * to-ni-jo * wa-o


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  2. Lorimer, H.T.  1950.  Homer and the Monuments.  London: McMillan.
  3. Palmer, Leonard.  1969.  The Interpretation of Mycenaean Greek Texts.  Oxford: The Clarendon Press.


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  1. Manolis Pantos

    Wonderful start to our journey

  2. Richard Vallance Janke: Independant Scholar, Linear B and Homeric Greek

    Excellent translation, Gretchen!

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