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Beyond the Mediterranean

This post supplements Around the Mediterranean and challenges assumptions about the scope of Minoan and Mycenaean travel. Two amber talismans from Bernstorff, Germany  

Toponyms in Linear A Texts: si.di.ja

si.di.ja | Return to Toponyms in Linear A Texts. si.di.ja HT 126 (HT Scribe unknown) しじや (shijiya) | Ash Shidiya, Jordan Wadi Ash Shidiyah, Jordan Although the Phoenicians have been credited with the production of Tyrian purple, evidence suggests that, as early as the middle Minoan period (1900 to 1700 BCE), the Minoans had learned […]

Toponyms in Linear A Texts: ja.qif

ja.qif | Return to Toponyms in Linear A Texts. ja.qif HT 28 (HT Scribe 13) 邪気 (jake, jaki, zake) | maliciousnous, noxious gas 邪鬼 (jake, jaki, zake) | devil, evil spirit, imp ᾿Ιακή (Iake) (fem. form of Ἰακός) | Ionic τζάκι (tzaki) | fireplace, furnace [Aci, Sicily] Locally shortened to Aci or Jaci, Jaciriali (Acireale) […]

Toponyms in Linear Texts: to | de.di | ] | | | Return to Toponyms in Linear A Texts. HT 117 (HT Scribe 9) †ダネ口 (daneguchi) | †the Danube (river) as passage | prob. from PIE *dānu | river ku.ti | 口 (kuchi or guchi) | (1) entrance, exit; door, gate; (2) mouth, opening (i.e. beginning);  […]

Toponyms in Linear A Texts: | Return to Toponyms in Linear A Texts. HT 118 (HT Scribe 3) アーリス (aarisu) | Arliss [Arles, France] Situated on the Rhône River, ancient Arles, France, was an important Phoenician trading port when it was much closer to the Mediterranean coast.  Moreover, Arles may have acted as a staging area for traffic […]