The Decipherment of Linear A: KE Zb 3

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A course-ware cup

KE Scribe unknown

The Cycladic island of Kea or Keos (modern Tzia) is located 60 km (37.5 miles) southeast of Athens. During the Bronze Age, Kea was a Minoan settlement at the site now known as Aghia Irini [“Kea”].  Among this site’s LinA inscriptions is a course-ware cup that bears a single word. Course ware is distinguished from fine ware for its domestic use.

Α.  ki

  1. ki | 酒 (ki) | alcohol, sake
  2. ki | 生 (ki) | crude, raw, undiluted; pure

Notes: Of the approximately 28 definitions given for this word, alcohol or sake is supported by the linear-script sign, AB *067 KI, which resembles a rhyton.  The second definition may indicate undiluted alcohol, or a crude, course-ware cup, or, perhaps, both.  See also THE Zb 6.


  1. Kea (island). Ret. on 01 Jan 2013.

Entry added on 01 Jan 2013
Updated on 28 Nov 2013 * 24 May 2016 * 19 Dec 2016

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