The Decipherment of Linear A: PH Wc 39

· Linear A Decipherments

A roundel with a triton seal

PH Wc 39

α.  ha.di |
β.  ro

1. | †白巳呂 (hashiro) | †a white serpent with a hermitage

α. 白巳
β. 呂

α. a white serpent
β. (with) a hermitage


Notes: Henshall [Kanji #56] states that, in ancient times, snakes and insects were treated alike, so that 虫 mushi is a crawling “insect” with a carapace rather than a shell, prob. from 巳 shi , a “snake”-like snail with 巾 mu  “cover, protection”.  Cf. 巳 shi with AB *058 SU.   巾 appears to have been reanalyzed as 中 chu  “inside, middle”, an alternate name for “insect”. In, however, the notion of protection is expressed in 呂 ro  “backbone, spine”.



  1. Hallager, Erik. 1996. The Minoan Roundel and Other Sealed Documents in the Neopalatial Linear A Administration. Vol. 1 & 2. Austin: University of Texas.
  2. Henshall, Kenneth G. 1988. A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters. Rutland, Vermont: Charles E. Tuttle Co.

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