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LinA words | | qe.ti |

Japanese words (Romaji)
kakure | kashite | kachi |

Japanese words (Hiragana)
かくれ | かして | かち |

Japanese words (Kanji)
隠れ | † 貨仕 | 価値 |

Greek words
Κόρκῡρα | | かくれ (kakure) | 隠れ (kakure) | concealed, hidden; crypto-, underground, | Κό(ρ)κῡρα (korkyra) | Kerkyra, Corcyra, Corfu
HT 20 (HT Scribe 10) (Toponym)
A notable example of the cryptic meaning behind Kerkyra, Greece, is that of the Aghios Franghiscos of Assisi.  This church is among the oldest in Kerkyra and features a crypt (reliquary), which contains the holy relics of three saints.  Reliquaries appear to have been regular features in Kerkyran churches.  Cf. ku.ra and The Minoan reference suggests that these reliquaries antedate Christianity and that they were used to house the sacred relics of heroes or, perhaps, the icons of deities. appears to be a reference to the temple of Arktemis (Artemis) on Kerkyra.
04.30.15 | かして | 貸手 (kashite) | a lender | † 貨仕 (kashite) | † a freight official

  • qe | 貨 (ka) | freight, goods, property;  to lend
  • si.te | 仕 (shite) | an official;  to attend, to do, to serve

MA Ze 11 (MA Scribe unknown)
Since there is no evidence of a monetary system in Minoan Crete, then 貸手 “a lender” is less likely than the concantenated 貨仕 “a property official”, which is consistent with the context of the storage magazine that extends from north to south on the west side of the palace.

qe.ti | かち
qe.ti | 価値 (kachi) | merit, value, worth

    • qe | 価 (ka, ke) | price, value
    • ti | 値 (chi, ji) | cost, price, value

HT 7 (HT Scribe 11)
qe.ti appears as a heading.


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