Linear B to Greek: a-ne-mo to a-no-we

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
a-ne-mo | a-no-we |

Greek words
ἄνεμος | ενος | ήνεμος |

a-ne-mo | ἄνεμος | wind
a-ne-mo | ήνεμος | wind
KN Fp 31 (Scribe 138)
ἠνεμόεις (enemoeis) means “airy” and “windy” and, therefore, “high”, which suggests that the true meaning of “high priestess” is “airy” or “winged” priestess. Cf a-ne-mo , i-je-re-ja.

a-no-we | ενος (enos) | last year’s, *one-year
PY Ta 641 (Scribe 2)
a-no-we appears to correspond to the lack of the projection on the rim of the vase. I believe that this lack indicates that the contents had been stored within the last year. For discussion, see ke-re-i.ja.  a-no-we helps with the meanings of ti-ri-o-we and qe-to-ro-we.

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