Linear B to Greek: a-pa-i-ti-jo to a-pe-ti-ri.ja

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
a-pa-i-ti-jo | a-pe-ti-ri.ja |

Greek words
ἀπαιτέω | ἀπαιτίζω | ηπήτρια |

a-pa-i-ti-jo | ἀπαιτέω (apaiteo) | to demand the return
a-pa-i-ti-jo | ἀπαιτίζω (apaitizo) |to demand the return
KN 588+ (Scribe 1)

a-pe-ti-ri.ja | ηπήτρια (epetria) | cobbler, mender
KN V 280 (Scribe “124”)
= ἀκέστρια (akestria) | seamstress
Syn. ra-pte-ri-ja.

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