Linear B to Greek: a-re to a-re-i-jo

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
a-re | a-re-i-jo |

Greek words
ἀρά | ἀραιός | ἄρης | ἤρα | Ἥρα | Ἡραῖος |

a-re | ἀρά (ara) | prayer
a-re | ἄρη(ς) (ares) | to draw, to lift *in prayer
a-re | ἤρα (era) | acceptable gifts, kindness
a-re | Ἥρα (Hera)
Knossos (Scribes 132, 138)
Prayer is a major theme in ancient Greece, and, as shall become evident, this theme is expressed in numerous LinB words.  Compare ἀρά (ara) “prayer” with Ἥρα “Hera”, who, through ἤρα “acceptable gifts”, is the personification of kindness.  Infl. a-re-i-jo.

a-re-i-jo | ἀραιό(ς) (araios) | (1) entreated, prayed to; (2) narrow, slender, slight
a-re-i-jo | Ἡραῖο(ς) (Heraios) | of Hera
KN L 641 (Scribe 103)
PY An 656 (Scribe 1)
As the personification of ἀρά (ara) “prayer” (see a-re),  Ἥρα (Hera), is the slender mistress to whom everyone prays.  Cf. e-re-wi-jo-po-ti-ni-ja.

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