Linear B to Greek: da-ra-ko to de-so-mo

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
da-ra-ko | da-wo | de-de-me-na | de-so-mo |

Greek words
δασμός | δήω | Δηώ | Δηώ | δεδεμένα | δεσμός | δράκος | δρᾰκών |

da-ra-ko | δράκο(ς) (drakos) | the eye, the watcher
da-ra-ko | δρᾰκών- (drakon) | a dragon, a serpent |
Knossos (Scribes 117, 120, unknown)
In the sheep tablets, da-ra-ko is the watcher. Cf. the dragon’s eye, a universal symbol.

da-wo | δήω (deo) | to find, to meet
da-wo | Δηώ (Deo) | an epithet for Demeter
Knossos (Scribes 103, 108, 115, 117, 118, “124”c, unknown)
si-ta-ro da-wo | σιτηρό(ς) Δηώ (siteros Deo) | “Demeter of the grain” is, perhaps, a rudimentary reference to the “god(dess) of grain” (KN De 1138+). See also >po-ti-ni-ja.

de-de-me-na | δεδεμένα (dedemena) | that which is bound
KN Ra 984+ (Scribe 127)
de-de-me-na is accompanied by *233 (PUG) and *236, sword ideograms. Cf. δέδεται “to bind”.
See also syn. de-so-mo and di-do-si.

de-so-mo | δασμό(ς) (dasmos) | the division of spoils
de-so-mo | δεσμό(ς) (desmos) | bonds, chains; imprisonment
KN Ra 1543, 1548 (Scribe 126)
When taking the property of another, the taker intends to bind that property to him. In a piracy context, the nature of the property being bonded raises some interesting questions (KN Ra 1548). On both ‘piracy’ tablets, this word acts as a heading and is accompanied by *233 (PUG), the sword ideogram. As an interesting side note, the name, Desmond “gracious defender”, may have arisen from these definitions.
See also syn. de-de-me-na and di-do-si.

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