Linear B to Greek: di-do-si to di-pi-si-jo

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
di-do-si | di-du-mo | di-ka-ta-jo | di-pa | di-pa-e | di-pi-si-jo |

Greek words
δίδυμος | διδωσι | Δικταῖος | *διφάι | διφάω | δίψιος |

di-do-si | διδωσι (didosi) | to bind or to fetter
PY Ma 365+
verb 3rd. sing.
“To bind or to fetter” may essentially mean “to become devoted, to be bound through an offering”; hence, a latter meaning “to offer”. See also o-u-di-do-si.
Cf. δίδυμος (didymos) “double, twin” in the sense that twins are bound. However, it is likely that Thomas Didymos was bound not to a twin but to Jesus through devotion.
See also syn. de-de-de-me-na and de-so-mo.

di-du-mo | δίδυμο(ς) (didymos) | double, twin, two-fold
MY Oe 129 (Scribe 56)

di-ka-ta-jo | Δικταῖο(ς) (Diktaios) | epithet of Zeus, from the Cretan mountain, Dikté
KN Fp 1+ (Scribe 138)

di-pa | διφά(ω) (diphao) | to examine, to inspect, to seek
KN K 875 (Scribe 102)
PY Ta 641 (Scribe 2)

di-pa-e | *διφάι (diphai) | to inspect, *inspection [plural]
PY Ta 641 (Scribe 2)
di-pa-e agrees with a content count of more than one.

di-pi-si-jo | δίψιο(ς) (dipsios) | dry, parched; thirsty
PY Fr 1240 (Scribe Cii)

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