Linear B to Greek: e-pi to e-po-mi-jo

· Linear B Lexicon


*038 E
/e/ to /α/
The morphology of *038 E, alternating with one and two horizontal bars, primarily suggests A (alpha).


LinB words
e-pi | e-pi-ko-wa | e-po-mi-jo |

Greek words
Ἆπις | ἐπιχόα | ἐπώμιος |

e-pi | Ἆπι(ς) (Apis) | Apian, Appian
KN V 280 (Scribe 124)

e-pi-ko-wa | ἐπιχόα (epikhoa) (attested) | to pour on or over
KN Fh 343 (Scribe 141)
= κατάχυσις
Cf. χοή (khoe) “a pouring, esp. a drink offering (libation) to the deceased or over their graves”.  Cf. also ἐπιχοάζω (epikhoazo) “to pour libations upon”. e-pi-ko-wa appears to relate to the pouring of oil.

e-po-mi-jo | ἐπώμιο(ς) (epomios) | on the shoulder
Knossos (Scribe 206)

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