Linear B to Greek: e-qe-si-ja to e-ra-ta-ra

· Linear B Lexicon


*038 E
/e/ to /α/
The morphology of *038 E, alternating with one and two horizontal bars, primarily suggests A (alpha).


LinB words
e-qe-si-ja | e-qe-si-jo | e-re-ta-ra

Greek words
ἀρητήρ | ἀξίας | ἀξιός |

e-qe-si-ja | ἀξία(ς) (aksias) | value, worth; counterbalancing
Knossos (Scribes 114, 116)
Pylos (Scribe 26)
Alt. a-ke-si-ja and e-ki-si-ja.

e-qe-si-jo | ἀξιό(ς) (aksios) | value, worth; counterbalancing
KN Lc 646+ (Scribe 103)
Pylos (Scribes 1, 26)
Alt. e-ke-si-jo and e-ki-si-jo.

e-ra-ta-ra | ἀρητήρ (areter) | one who prays
PY En 609 (Scribe 1); Eo 224 (Scribe 41)
e-ra-ta-ra , i-je-re-ja > ἀρητήρ ἱέρεια “a praying priestess”

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