Linear B to Greek: e-e-si to e-ke-si-jo

· Linear B Lexicon


*038 E
/e/ to /α/
The morphology of *038 E, alternating with one and two horizontal bars, primarily suggests A (alpha).


LinB words
e-e-si | e-ke | e-ke-si-jo

Greek words
αασι- | αεσι- | ἀξιός | ἔχε |

e-e-si | αασι- (aasi-) | (pref) damaged
= αεσι- (aesi-)
KN Ai 63 (Scribe 124b)

e-ke | ἔχε (ekhe) | to bear, to bring, to carry
Knossos (Scribe 123)
Pylos (Scribes 1, 11, 24, 43)
A search for e-ke on DAMOS yields 76 results. Only three of those instances come from Knossos. In context, e-ke typically means “has”.

e-ke-si-jo | ἀξιό(ς) (aksios) | value, worth; counterbalancing
PY Cn 4 (Scribe 21)
Alt. e-qe-si-jo and e-ki-si-jo.

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