Linear B to Greek: i-qo to i-zo-wi

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
i-qo | i-wa-ko | i-zo-wi

Greek words
Ἴακχος | ίαχος | ἰάχω | † ἵζοι | ἴκκος | ἵππος


i-qo | ἴκκο(ς) (hikkos) <> Ionic for ἵππο(ς) (hippos) | horse
KN Ca 895+ (Scribe unknown)
PY Fa 16 (Scribe 42)
On KN Ca 895+, i-qo is followed by an ideogram of a horse. Cf. Latin equus “horse”.

i-wa-ko | Ἴακχο(ς) (Iakkhos) | the mystic cry of Bacchus, a Bacchanalian shout or song
i-wa-ko | ίαχο(ς) (iakhos) | a battle cry, the shout of both victor and vanquished
i-wa-ko | ἰάχω (iakho) | to cry or to shout
KN As 1516 (Scribe 101) IPN
In context, i-wa-ko appears to refer to a chanter or a singer.

i-zo-wi | ἵζοι (izoi) | † the seated ones; the council < ἵζω (izo) | to be seated, to hold a council
i-zo-wi is a single LinB word on a bi-script tomb marker.

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