Linear B to Greek: ka-ra-ti-ri-jo

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
ka-ra-ti-ri-jo |

Greek words
χρηστήριοv | χρηστήριος | *χρητήριοv |

ka-ra-ma-to | χρημάτω(ν) (khrematov) | money of, property of
KN V 684 (Scribe 140)

ka-ra-ti-ri-jo | *χρητήριο(v) (khreterion) | *an oracle

  • ka-ra-ti-ri-jo | χρηστήριο(v) (khresterion) | an oracle
  • ka-ra-ti-ri-jo | χρηστήριο(ς) (khresterios) | oracular, prophetic

MY Ue 611 (Scribe 60)
In context, ka-ra-ti-ri-jo appears to be listed among nouns such as ti-ri-po-di-ko, so may pertain to an item that is used for oracles.

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