Linear B to Greek: ke-ra-ja to ke-re-si-jo

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
ke-ra-ja | ke-ra-me-ja | ke-ra-me-u | ke-ra-me-wo | ke-re-a2 | ke-re-si-jo |

Greek words
κεραία | κεραμεία | κεραμεύς | κεραμεών | χαραξέως |

ke-ra-ja | κεραία (keraia) | a horn
KN V 831 (Scribe 203)
See ke-re-i.ja.

ke-ra-me-ja | κεραμεία (kerameia) | the potter’s craft
KN Ap 639 (Scribe 103)
See also ke-ra-me-u and ke-ra-me-wo.

ke-ra-me-u | κεραμεύ(ς) (kerameus) | a potter
PY Cn 1287 (Scribe 31)
See also ke-ra-me-ja and ke-ra-me-wo.

ke-ra-me-wo | κεραμεώ(ν) (kerameon) | a large wine jar
Pylos (Scribes 1, 41)
Cf. κεράμεος (kerameos) “of clay; earthenware”.  See also ke-ra-me-ja and ke-ra-me-u.

ke-re-i.ja or ke-re-a2 | κεραία (keraia) | (1) horn, (2) a little mark or projection at the top of a thing
PY Ta 641 (Scribe 2)
In PY Ta 641 , ke-re-a2 may refer to the vase-rim projections, which scholars believe are handles. I believe that, given their lack of survival, these are annual markers that comprise perishable material such as clay or wood. These markers would indicate the number of years that each commodity had been stored, perhaps not to exceed four years. See also ke-ra-ja.

ke-re-si-jo | χαραξέω(ς) (kharakseos) | an engraving, an incision
PY Ta 641, 709 (Scribe 2)

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