Linear B to Greek: ko-ro-ki-ja to ko-ru

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
ko-ro-ki-ja | ko-ru |

Greek words
κόρυς | κροκίας |

Japanese words (Kanji)
梱る |

Japanese words (Katakana)
こ.る |

Japanese words (Romaji)
koru |

ko-ru | κόρυ(ς) (korus) | helmet
ko-ru | こ.る ( |
ko-ru | 梱る (koru) | to bundle, to pack, to tie up
KN Sk 8100 (Scribe 206)
TH Fq 126. 254+ (Scribe 305)
κόρυς is perhaps derived from the helmet’s resemblance to a small package. See also [HT 23].

ko-ro-ki-ja | κροκία(ς) (krokias) | †saffron colored
PY Aa 354 (Scribe 1)
PY Ab 372 (Scribe 21)
The definition of ko-ro-ki-ja as “saffron colored” is surmised from κροκήιος (krokeios) “saffron colored” and κροκίας (krokias) “saffron-colored stone”; pu-ro ko-ro-ki-ja >  πυρό κροκία (puro krokia) “saffron-colored wheat” [PY Ab 372].

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