Linear B to Greek: ko-wa to ku-ka-ro

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
ko-wa | ko-wo | ku-ka-ro |

Greek words
κύκλος | χόα | χόω |

Japanese words

Latin words

ko-wa | χόα (khoa)
Knossos, Pylos, Thebes
See ko-wo.
Note that χόα may be found within the definition of χους.

ko-wo | χόω (khowo) | to bury, to heap up or to throw the earth; to be buried
Knossos, Mycenae, Pylos
Approximately 350 references to ko-wa / ko-wo are found among the LinB tablets. The contexts, thus far, appear to include sowing as well as human burial. Of the latter, many names, perhaps of clans, appear to be followed by inventories of the dead in clan tombs. The respective roles of ko-wa / ko-wo on the same tablet are not clear.  See also ko-wa. Note that χόα may be found within the definition of χους.

ku-ka-ro | kukkaro | Cuccaro
ku-ka-ro | κύκλο(ς) (kuklos) | cycle, ring
Knossos (Scribes 103, 117, 126)
On KN Ra 1548ku-ka-ro may refer to Cuccaro Vetere, a coastal commune in southwestern Italy.  Cuccaro is derived from κύκλος, which refers to the town’s fortified status.

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