Linear B to Greek: mo-ne-we to mu-ti-ri

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
mo-ne-we | mu-ti-ri |

Greek words
μονάς |

Japanese words (Katakana)
むっちり |

Japanese words (Romaji)
mucchiri |

mo-ne-we | μονά(ς) (monas) | single, solitary
Thebes (Scribes 305, 306)
= μόνος (monos)
mo-ne-we exclusively appears on Theban tablets and is likely the word from which MO is derived. MO appears as a complement to ZE, which is likely derived from ze-u-ke-siMO and ZE respectively denote singles and pairs: horses, oxen, wheels, and sometimes men.

mu-ti-ri | むっちり (mucchiri) | chubby, plump; voluptuous
PY Ep 212+ (Scribe 1) (IPN)
mu-ti-ri refers to a male.

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