Linear B to Greek: na-ki-zo to ne-ma-ta-wo

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
na-ki-zo | na-pu-ti-jo | ne-me-ta-wo |

Greek words
ναξος | Νάξος | νεμέθω | νηπύτιος __________________________________________________________________________________________

na-ki-zo | ναξο(ς) (naksos) | solid; a solid
na-ki-zo | Νάξο(ς) (Naksos) | an island that is known for its sculptures
KN Wm 8499 (Scribe 103)
Νάξος is named for the solid stone of its sculptures.

na-pu-ti-jo | νηπύτιο(ς) (neputios) | a small child; childish
KN Db 1232 (Scribe 117)
PY Jn 845 (Scribe 2)
Cf. νήπια (nepia) “small animals” from νήπιος (nepios) “child, infant”.  In context with sheep, na-pu-ti-jo appears to refer to lambs (KN Db 1232).

ne-ma-ta-wo | νεμέθω | to be well-fed
PY Cn 4 (Scribe 21)
ne-me-ta-wo refers to “well-fed” sheep.

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