Linear B to Greek: o-da-i.ja to o-ka

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
o-da-i.ja | o-i.ja | o-ka |

Greek words
ὁδεία | οἶα | ὀχή |

o-da-i.ja | ὁδεία | traveling
o-da-a2 | ὁδεία | traveling
for o-da-a2
Pylos (Scribes 1, 2, 21, 24)
o-da-i.ja typically begins sentences on the pe-mo tablets and is followed by anthroponyms, to indicate traveling supplicants.  Cf. wo-de-wi-ja “that for which a merchant travels”.

o-i.ja | οἶα | a sheepskin
for o-a2
= ὄα
PY Vn 20 (Scribe 25)

o-ka | ὀχή (oke) | anything that bears or carries, *a riding
Pylos (Scribes 1, 11, 32)
Cf. ὄχησις “a bearing, a carrying” from passive “a driving, a riding, a sailing”.  ku-ru-me-no-jo , o-ka “a riding of a wheel (chariot)” [PY An 654].

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