Linear B to Greek: pa-sa-ro to pa-wo

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
pa-sa-ro | pa-si | pa-si-te-o-i | pa-wi-no | pa-wo |
Greek words
φάϝοςφαίνω | φάος | φασι | *φασιταοίφαῦος | √ ΦΑΩ | ψαρόν | ψαρός | ψηρός |

pa-sa-ro | ψαρό(ν) (psaron) | a siccative powder
pa-sa-ro | ψαρό(ς) (psaros) (Doric) | dappled, speckled
pa-sa-ro | ψηρό(ς) (pseros) | dappled, speckled
PY Ta 716 (Scribe 2)
A siccative (L. siccus “dry”) accelerates the drying of oils, especially in paints and varnishes. The application of siccative powder may create a dappled appearance (cf. ξηρός (kseros) “dry”); hence, ψαρός / ψηρός “dappled, speckled”.  However, Palmer [1969:358] believes that pa-sa-ro , ku-ru-so refers to gold-plated rivets, which were used to attach hilts to sword blades [Lorimer 1950:262].  Consequently, ψηρό χρυσό may appear as the “dappled gold” of rivets that may also join a handle to an axe head.

pa-si | φασι (phasi) | a cry, an expression, an utterance
Pylos (Scribes 1,2)
See root pa-wo and deriv. pa-si-te-o-i.

pa-si-te-o-i | *φασιταοί (phasitaoi) | *a crying peacock, which was sacred to Hera

  • pa-si | φασι (phasi) | a cry, an expression, an utterance
  • te-o-i | ταοί | a peacock

KN Gg 702 (Scribe 103)
Pylos (Scribes 138, 219)
The peacock, which was known for its crying, was sacred to Hera.  See a-re.
01.16.14 * 11.25.14

pa-wi-no | φαίνω (phaino) | to bring to light, to show
KN B 799+
See also root pa-wo.

pa-wo | √ ΦΑΩ (pao) | to make evident, to make known
pa-wo | φάϝο(ς) (pauos) | light, daylight
pa-wo | φαῦο(ς) (pauos) (Aeolic) | light, daylight
pa-wo | φάο(ς) (paos) | light, daylight
KN Wm 8499 (Scribe 103)
The root ΦΑΩ suggests that knowledge is acquired not only through light but also through speech. Cf. pa-si > φασί (pasi) “a cry, an expression”.  See also pa-wi-no and pa-si-te-o-i.  pa-wo is also found in LinC.

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