Linear B to Greek: pe-re-ku-ta to pe-ri-te-u

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
pe-re-ku-ta | pe-ri-no | pe-ri-qo-ro-jo | pe-ri-ra-wo | pe-ri-te-u |

Greek words
παραχύτης | περιρρέω | περιττεύω | περίχωρος | περιχωρόζω |

pe-re-ku-ta | παραχύτη(ς) (parakhutes) | one who pours in, esp. a bath attendant
PY An 172 (Scribe 1)

pe-ri-no | πρῖνο(ς) (prinos) | the holm oak (Quercus ilex) or the scarlet oak (Quercus coccifera)
pe-ri-no | πρινώ(ν) (prinon) | an ilex grove
PY An 654 (Scribe 1)
PY Jn 706 (Scribe 21)
pe-ri-no likely refers to the oak construction of either chariots or ships. See alt. pi-ri-no.

pe-ri-qo-ro-jo | *περιχωρόζω (perikorozo) | *to be around about a place, to dance or to caper about the place, to be among

  • περίχωρος (perikhoros) | around about the place
    • περί- (peri) | beside
    • χορός (khoros) “a round dance; chorus”
  • -ζω (-zo) | to be

KN Db 1232 (Scribe 117)
The Knossos Tablets [4th ed.] includes the following note: “pe-ri-qo-te-jo possibly over erasure”; however, Scripta Minoa II clearly shows pe-ri-qo-ro-jo. Cf. ko-ro. Although it is phonetically feasible, περικρώζω (perikrozo) “to caw all around”, as it pertains to crows, appears to be a reanalysis and is ruled out.

pe-ri-ra-wo | περιρρέω (perirreo) | to flow around
PY An 654 (Scribe 1)

pe-ri-te-u | περιττεύ(ω) (peritteu) | to be abundant
Knossos (Scribe 104, unknown)

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