Linear B to Greek: po-ro to po-ro-ko

· Linear B Lexicon

LinB words
po-ro | po-ro-ko |
Greek words
φόρκος | Φόρκος | πόρος | πόρω | φόρος | φορός |

po-ro | (n.) πόρο(ς) (poros) | (1) ferry, ford; (2) means, revenue
po-ro | (v.) πόρω (poro) | to give, to impart, to offer
po-ro | φόρο(ς) (poros) | that which is carried in as payment; tribute
po-ro | φορό(ς) (poros) | a bearing, a carrying
Knossos (Scribe 117, unknown)
Due to the accompanying drawing of a horse’s head and its association with o-no, po-ro is popularly attested as polo “foal” and o-no as ὄνος “ass”.  However, I maintain that these words pertain to revenue or tribute. Cf. ὦνο (onos) “payment, price, value”.  Nevertheless,  it is possible that these animals were so named for their value as either revenue or tribute.  Cf. po-ro-ko-re-te, which likely pertains to either Cretan revenue or Cretan tribute.
12.21.13 * 10.19.14

po-ro-ko | φόρκο(ς) (porkos) | gray, white
po-ro-ko | Φόρκο(ς) (porkos) or (porkus) | Phorcys, a sea-god, son of Pontus and Gaia
Pylos (Scribes 1, 21)
Phorcys was also the father of monsters such as the Gorgon and the Graiae. Cf. gray.

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