Linear B to Greek: qi-ni-te-we to qo-ro-ka

· Linear B Lexicon

Note: AB *016, formerly PA2 or QA is now transcribed as QPA. See Phonetic Key.


LinB words
qi-ni-te-we | qi-si-pe-e | qo-ro-ka |


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Greek words
κινητής | κρόκη | ξίφαι |

qi-ni-te-we | κινητής (kinetes) | an inciter, a mover
KN D 1024+ (Scribe unknown)
In context, qi-ni-te-we may indicate 100 sheep that must be moved; cf. ma-ti-jo > ματίζω (matizo) “to seek”, which may indicate 110 sheep that must be sought.

qi-si-pe-e | ξίφαι (ksipai) | a plane iron; a sword or †a spear
PY Ta 716 (Scribe 2)
Cf. ξίφος “sword”. While ξίφαι may generally refer to a plane iron, it may also refer to any iron implement. qi-si-pe-e may be a metathesis of a word that results in the Aeolic σκίφος (skiphos) “a sword”. Cf. O. Norse skaf-a “to plane, to scrape, to shave”. Cf. also skiff “the small boat of a ship” with a cutter, perhaps for its ability to “cut through water”.

qo-ro-ka | κρόκη (kroke) | a rolled or rounded stone; a pebble on the seashore
OL Zh 1 (Scribes unknown)
Cf. alternate ko-ro-qe[ [TH Ft 219].

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