Linear B to Greek: qpa-jo to qpa-ti-ja

· Linear B Lexicon

Note: AB *016, formerly PA2 or QA is now transcribed as QPA. See Phonetic Key.


LinB words
qpa-jo | qpa-ti-ja |

Greek words
καίω | κητία | χάϊος |

qpa-ti-ja | κητία (ketia) | fishery of large fish, esp. thunny (tuna)
KN As 1519+ (Scribe 101) (IPN)
KN Fh 355 (Scribe 141)
= κητεία (keteia)
On KN As 1519+, qpa-ti-ja appears to refer to a tuna fisherman. Cf. cetacean.

qpa-jo | καίω (kaio) | to burn, to kindle, to set afire; to be aflame with passion
qpa-jo | χάϊο(ς) (khaios) | genuine, true; good
OL Zh 1 (Scribes unknown)
Cf. alt. ka-jo [KN Da 1451+].

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