Linear B to Greek: re-ka to re-po-to

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
re-ka | re-po-to |

Greek words
ῥάκη | ῥαπτός |

re-ka | ῥάκη (hrake) | a ragged, tattered garment
PY Ep 212 (Scribe 1) IPN
re-ka appears to refer to someone with tattered clothes.

re-po-to | ῥαπτό(ς) (hraptos) | *(1) pierced; (2) sewn, stitched
KN L 693 (Scribe 103)
PY Un 1322+ (Scribe Cii)
re-po-to appears to be an early lexeme for words that pertain to sewing or stitching. See also ra-pte and ra-pte-ri-ja. Consider ri-no , re-po-to >  ῥινό(ς) ῥαπτό(ς) (hrinos hraptos) “stitched hide; shield” (KN L 693).
However, I believe that “stitching” is an extended meaning for an act of piercing with a needle.  Cf. rapier, which is likely named for its ability to pierce. Similar words such as rape and raptor are said to be founded on the Latin rapere “to sieze”, which appears to be a reanalyis. I believe that rape may be perceived as an act of sexual piercing and that a raptor is so named for its piercing beak or talons.

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