Linear B to Greek: ro to ro-u-si-jo

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
ro | ro-u-si-jo |

Greek words
*ῥο | ῥουσίζω | ῥούσιος |

ro || from “to count” | *plus
KN V 280 (Scribe 124)
ro appears to be founded in the LinA ku-ro, which has long been understood as “total”. Cf. Jap. kuru “to count”. Note that the syllable /ku/ is transformed in the rough breathing of the Greek letter /ρ/ (rho), which should be transcribed as /hro/.  Cf. a similar shift from LinA [HT 115] > Jap. kuruma 車 “chariot, wheel” and L. carrum “chariot” > Gr. ῥῦμα (hruma) “that which is drawn”. In context, AB *002 RO is transcribed as “X”, but the sign’s association with accounting provides strong evidence for its basis as the mathematical “+” sign.

ro-u-si-jo | ῥουσίζω (rousizo) | to be reddish
ro-u-si-jo | ῥούσιο(ς) (rousios) | reddish
Pylos (Scribes 2, 3, 42, Ci, Cii)
Cf. L. russeus.

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