Linear B to Greek: sa-me-ti-jo to sa-sa-ma

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
sa-me-ti-jo | sa-pa-ka-te-ri-ja | sa-pi-da | sa-pi-de | sa-sa-ma |

Greek words
σημάδιον | σημάτιον | σησάμη σφάκτρια |

Latin words

sa-me-ti-jo | σημάδιο(ν) (semadion) | an ensign, a flag
sa-me-ti-jo | σημάτιο(ν) (semation) | a mark, a sign, a token
KN K 875 (Scribe 102)
sa-me-ti-jo is a dimuative for σῆμα (sema) | an omen, a sign.  Moreover, the voiced dental in σημάδιον indicates that this word is a later development.  Consequently, the meaning may help to date the tablet.

sa-pa-ka-te-ri-ja | σφάκτρια (sphaktria) | a priestess
KN C 941+ (Scribe 112)
sa-pa-ka-te-ri-ja is feminine for σφάκτης (sphaktes) “slayer”, in the sense of “sacrifice”, and is related to σφάγνος (sphagnos) “sword”. Cf. pa-ka-na.

sa-pi-da | Sepiidae | squid (which includes cuttlefish)
PY An 656 (Scribe 1)
See alt. sa-pi-de.

sa-pi-de | Sepiidae | squid (which includes cuttlefish)
MY Ge 602 (Scribe 57)
PY Vn 19 (Scribe Cii)
      Sepia is a genus of cuttlefish in the family Sepiidae.  Sepia also refers to squid ink and is the basis for the color.  In MY Ge 602, sa-pi-de is accompanied by sa-sa-ma (sesame);  cuttlefish is often prepared with sesame.  See alt. sa-pi-da

sa-sa-ma | σησάμη (sesame) | sesame, Sesamum indicum
MY Ge 602, 606+ (Scribe 57)

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