Linear B to Greek: te-o to te-o-na

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words

te-o | te-o-jo | te-o-na |

Greek words
τέος | τέω | τεοιο | τέων | τέωνα |

te-o | τέο(ς) | (1) a thing, (2) your
te-o | τέω (teo) | a thing (Ionic)
Knossos, Pylos
In PY Eo 276, scribe 41 substitutes te-o-jo with te-o. See also te-o-na. It is not clear whether te-o in this context is an error or a variation. There are at least four other documented uses of te-o.

te-o-jo | τεοιο (teoio) | thou (Epic)
In his response to Michael Ventris’ appeal for assistance, John Chadwick stated that articles were absent from LinB. I believe otherwise. Thus far, the articles in LinB are mistakenly believed to be references to deity. This is hardly surprising since both articles and deity pertain to beingness. Compare the English “the” with the Greek θεός (theos) “god” and the Spanish “el” with the Canaanite El “god”. Consequently, the earliest Greek articles appear to suggest origin, which is typically expressed in words such as “from” or “of”. In Greek, this is called the genitive case. Note that many Greek articles mean “the following”, which underscores their genitive nature. See te-o-na.
In the Pylos tablets, te-o-jo is the most frequent word preceding do-e-ra/-ro.

te-o-na | prob. *τέωνα > τέων (teona > teon) | the following
In PY En 659, scribe 1 substitutes te-o-jo with te-o-na. See also te-o.

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