Linear B to Greek: to-pe-za to to-pe-zo

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
to-pe-za | to-pe-zo |

Greek words
*τοπαζη | τόπαζος | τοπάζω |

to-pe-za | *τοπαζη | *yellow or Asian topaz
*= to-pe-zo
Knossos (Scribe “124”),
Pylos (Scribe 2)

to-pe-zo | τοπάζω (topazo) | yellow or Asian topaz
to-pe-zo | τόπαζο(ς) (topazos) | to aim at, to put in a place
PY Ta 715+ (Scribe 2)
The second definition suggests the metaphor, “to divine” or “to guess”: in divining, topaz was used to locate precious metals and water [CCSGems].  Scribe 2 writes both to-pe-za and to-pe-zo.

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